"For the past year, Neo Media World has selected Interlink as a key partner in their efforts to target finance, HR and business decision-makers.

The reasons for choosing and continuing to partner with Interlink are because they can target potential Sage customers who are researching the topics that we are promoting (eg ERP, HCM, Finance etc). Interlink do this through their unique intent targeting solution, Crawlr [Discover]. Another reason for using Interlink is their reliable and quality alliance network which they leverage to generate leads using GDPR compliant email marketing or telemarketing.

I would recommend Interlink to any business trying to generate qualified leads and sales opportunities by getting in front of a finance/HR/business decision-maker audience that are in the research phase of the buyer’s cycle.”

Vanessa Bruce
Account Manager
DWA – Sage
Eightbar has been working with Interlink on a range of EU IBM demand gen campaigns for a while now. Interlink is one of our partners of choice for several reasons:

1. Competitive pricing – the demand gen market is a saturated one; therefore, competitive CPL pricing is crucial as we want to ensure maximum ROI for the client. Interlink is one of our most cost-effective demand gen providers for IBM

2. Interlink consistently deliver high-quality leads and also provide them ahead of schedule. They target the right audience (in relation to the brief), which is always well received by the client

3. Interlink deliver leads on time with minimal rejections from the client, even during a tough situation such as a COVID19. A number of our partners are struggling to hit lead volumes; however, Interlink has managed to reach (and surpass) their targets

4. Interlink always overdeliver on the agreed/booked lead volumes. They have sent an average of 15% free leads for the IBM campaigns in the last two months to make sure we increase the conversation rate.

5. Interlink upload leads multiple times a week. This ensures leads are fresh and stand a higher chance of converting once they reach the client. If there is an issue with a lead, Interlink is always happy to replace these without question, which is fantastic.

We look forward to continuing to work with Interlink on IBM’s demand generation campaigns.

Youssra Garti
Eightbar IBM EMEA Performance Team
Eightbar – IBM
I worked with Interlink on multiple campaigns for NetApp targeting IT and business decision-makers across EMEA. The success of the campaigns caught the attention of NetApp US and has led to a global partnership with Interlink.

Interlink have proven to be one of our leading providers for intent-based demand gen campaigns. We saw a high percentage of leads converting into opportunities and meetings, and I believe this is down to the accuracy of the intent data from Crawlr [Discover] which lets us target people who are currently researching the topics NetApp are promoting.

Interlink’s method of delivering leads, generated through their carefully selected alliance network, has proven a safe, cost-efficient and high-quality way of delivering BANT qualified and ABM leads for NetApp.

The team go the extra mile by offering their own in-house solution, SalesLink, to help identify and resolve the disconnect between marketing and sales. SalesLink has proven to help NetApp’s sales team turn more leads into opportunities.

I absolutely would recommend Interlink as a high-quality global lead generation provider due to the:
– Ease of use
– High-Quality Leads
– Campaign Management
– Clear ROI

Ian Sargeant
Account Manager
DWA – NetApp
We selected Interlink to generate free trial downloads for Solarwinds using a double touch combination of email and telemarketing.

The campaign targeted IT managers across the US who were carefully selected using Interlinks unique intent targeting solution, Crawlr [Discover]. Crawlr gives us the ability to locate and target companies who are currently in the research phase of the buyer’s cycle which is key for Solarwinds, as this is when an audience is most likely to download and use trial software.

After outperforming our current providers in terms of lead quality, pace of delivery, conversions, customer service and campaign flexibility, Interlink are now our partner of choice for Solarwinds campaigns. Solarwinds have already seen a number of leads converting into qualified opportunities, and we expect many more to follow in the near future.

Interlink created a bespoke team who focused on the Solarwinds campaign from start to finish and I believe this to be a key reason for the success of the campaign. The team grew to be knowledgeable about the product which resulted in superior call quality where agents build rapport with the leads, had free-flowing conversations, handled objections and confidently sold the benefits of the free trial. A key beneficiary of working with Interlink is how responsive their team has been with critical feedback to better optimize. This is significant considering some of the abnormal elements of the campaigns. Their proven ability to adapt to our client’s needs is of high value within this industry.

I would recommend Interlink to any agency or direct marketing team for global demand generation campaigns. Their unique approach to lead generation through intent targeting has been a game-changer for the Solarwinds account.

Elizabeth Sener
Account Director
DWA Austin – Solarwinds
DWA has been working with Interlink over the past 18 months on a range of SolarWinds campaigns. We selected Interlink as a key partner for several reasons:

• They consistently deliver high-quality leads and provide them ahead of schedule
• They target the right audience (in relation to the brief), which is always well received by the client
• They have competitive CPL pricing, which is crucial as we want to ensure maximum ROI for the client. They are one of the most cost-effective lead providers for SolarWinds
• They deliver leads on time with minimal rejections from the client. If there are any rejections, Interlink is flexible in replacing them
• They always overdeliver on the booked lead volumes to make sure we increase the conversion rate
• They are very transparent. Their partner network can provide call recordings / transcripts to ensure lead quality, before passing onto the client
• They adapt quickly to campaign changes and CPL pricing
• They are easy to work with, responsive and flexible

The team at Interlink have been extremely helpful, accommodating, & diligent in all steps of every campaign – from set up, to the delivery process, to providing visibility, and offering recommendations for future campaigns. Using their experience to navigate a clear path to successful campaigns has provided great value to SolarWinds.

Chelsey Larkin
Media Planner
DWA Austin – Solarwinds
DWA have run many campaigns with Interlink over the past two years. Their delivery team are second to none and certainly stand out in the lead gen market due to their endless hard work and dedication to ensuring campaigns run smoothly and effectively, and most importantly on time.

I have worked with Lucy on delivering campaigns for various clients (including some of our biggest tier-1’s such as NetApp) and she is always diligent, understanding and responsive. It’s rare to see such hard work and dedication – this certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by the team at DWA.

Lucy goes above and beyond as a Campaign Manager to ensure the best results for the campaigns and our clients and makes working with Interlink very easy.

Thank you, Lucy and team Interlink!

Nick Murphy
Senior Account Manager
DWA – Avanade
Interlink are now Unitrends’ demand generation partner of choice for BANT qualified lead generation campaigns due to the high conversion rates and ROI we have witnessed across the board.

As such, we have recently agreed to an annual package so that we can continue the momentum and expand our relationship with them.

Our programmes include, but are not limited to, EMEA ABM and BANT demand generation, CPM emails for brand awareness and conducting surveys for market analysis. Interlink also publish content for us (infographics/whitepapers) which analyses and breaks down the results from the surveys. New content is essential to us as it plays a fundamental role in Unitrends being considered as thought leaders within the market.

There are several reasons as to why Interlink are our leading provider:

• We find that because of the accuracy of Crawlr and it’s ability to locate companies/accounts that are currently & actively researching the topics we’re promoting, we are one of the first companies to help our prospective audience either address their pain points or further their research. Being first through the door is imperative when it comes to looking at the lead to opportunity conversion rates.

• The team are super easy to work with – getting campaigns live quickly is never an issue. The team have a vast amount of experience; therefore, we can trust them to take our campaigns into their own hands and stick within brand guidelines. They also produce unique scripts which help us to stand out in such a competitive marketplace.

• Their competitive CPL pricing – Interlink is not only our highest performing vendor in terms of ROI and conversion rates, but they are also our lowest priced demand gen vendor.

• Interlink offers a complimentary sales advisory session (SalesLink) where they meet with our BDRs to share tips on how to increase their lead to opportunity conversion rates and handle tough objections which ITDMs generally use. Since implementing Interlink’s suggestions, we have seen our percentage conversion rates go up. We’ve now rolled the SalesLink session out to the broader team at Unitrends.

We look forward to continuing our work with Interlink for our demand gen campaigns over the next 12 months.

Jocelyn Tobin
Marketing – EMEA
Unitrends have been working with Interlink running EMEA HQL and BANT demand generation campaigns for the past 4 months. Interlink are one of our most trusted and leading demand generation providers due to:

– The quality of the leads they produce and the accuracy of their intent targeting which comes from Crawlr
– Their ability to position Unitrends in front of companies that are currently conducting research around the topics we are promoting and looking for a new backup solution
– The team’s flexibility and ability to adapt to campaign changes
– Their competitive CPL pricing
– The percentage of leads that are converting into MQLs, meetings/calls booked and opportunities generated

If you are considering testing Interlink for demand gen services, I would recommend you do so as they have helped us to penetrate net new accounts and generate opportunities that we wouldn’t have had the chance to otherwise.

We look forward to continuing our work with Interlink for our demand gen campaigns next quarter.

Elisa Minton
Director of Marketing – EMEA
The team here in Munich have been using Interlink’s intent based demand generation services for nearly two years now. Interlink have consistently proved themselves to be one of our partners of choice when it comes to successfully running and delivering our client’s demand generation campaigns.

There are a few things which make Interlink stand out in such a saturated market/industry:

– Ease of use – Interlink always deliver leads on time with minimal rejections from clients
– Transparency – Interlink is entirely transparent when it comes to their range of services (intent, lead gen and sales advisory). We are always provided with the opportunity to deep dive into the partners, the call recordings/transcripts, the team who are making the calls etc which is so important to us as we need to be able to trust the partners we are using to run our client’s campaigns.
– High-quality intent data – the way Interlink source their intent data is unique. It means they can locate companies that are currently researching the topics we are promoting. This means we can get our clients in front of an audience that is in the early phase of the buyer’s cycle.
– Increasing conversion rates – the team at Interlink go one step further when it comes to helping our clients generate maximum ROI. They offer to meet and speak with our client’s sales team and provide unique tactics around how the BDRs can improve their approach to leads. This helps to bridge any gaps between the sales and marketing teams which, in our eyes, is priceless.

Interlink has helped us to craft unique approaches which is refreshing in such a saturated industry, and we find them super easy to work with which is key to us. I would happily recommend Interlink to any media agency/ direct client on the basis that they have consistently generated us high quality leads over the past year.

Sonja Lotze
Client Service Director
DWA Munich
I would highly recommend BDRs/SDRs of all levels to participate in the Saleslink session offered by Interlink.

I found the session invaluable and have some fantastic takeaway points which, I believe, will help me to improve my follow up on each of the leads, and therefore increase the conversion rate from lead to opportunity.

The team provide full transparency into how the leads are generated – this is so important for a BDR/SDR as we need to understand how to tailor our follow up for the many different types of leads we receive from our marketing team.

It’s refreshing to see a lead gen vendor take a genuine interest in our success when it comes to following up on the leads. I now know that if I ever have any questions regarding effective follow-up, I can reach out to my rep at Interlink for some honest advice.

René Ivars
Enterprise Business Representative
Interlink is proving to be a reliable supplier to us. Interlink uploads leads multiple times per week which is an important factor as this reduces the level of decay and ensures leads are fresh.

By following this process, leads stand a higher chance of converting if the client can respond to enquiries faster.

One of the key qualities we look for in our partners is how efficiently they use our lead management platform, LolaGrove. Interlink’s delivery team work very well with this platform. They log in daily, note their duplication counts against other publishers, or the non-billable counts for other reasons, and they quickly replace and fulfil their orders ahead of campaign deadlines. Their data formatting is accurate, and the client feedback we have had is positive.

If a client raises any issue with a lead following our delivery to them, we have found Interlink is always happy to replace these without question. Interlink always upload leads in the correct format, and the client feedback on quality is positive. This is testament to the rigorous quality control checks that the Interlink team carry out prior to submitting data to us.

Kevin Sweeney
Chief Financial Officer
Allen & Gerristen
Kaseya has been working with Interlink to deliver Top of Funnel and BANT leads to help generate great sales opportunities for the company.

During the campaign we were faced with many challenges due to Covid-19; however, Interlink went above and beyond to ensure the campaign still ran successfully – they recommended a change in tactic (from telemarketing to email) where we were still able to receive high quality leads from them which fit our requested targeting.

They are incredibly responsive, which means running campaigns with them is very easy. Interlink is very keen to ensure you are receiving the best leads they can deliver and are very receptive to campaign changes once the campaign is running. Being able to make these tweaks to a live campaign means we can get the best conversation rates possible.

Their delivery is always on time, and they will upload leads multiple times per week so we can contact the leads while they are still fresh. If there is an issue with a lead, Interlink is always happy to replace these without question, which is fantastic.

We look forward to continuing the rest of our campaign with Interlink.

Melanie Kennedy
Media Director & Client Partner
Media Matters Worldwide
Allen & Gerritsen (A&G) worked with Interlink for six consecutive quarters from mid-2018 until the end of the A&G relationship with their client at the turn of 2020.

They worked on a mix of US demand gen campaigns, including:

– Intent-based BANT qualified leads (email and telemarketing)
– HQL ABM leads
– Intent-based double-touch email leads

A&G selected Interlink to run our client’s US demand gen campaigns in part due to their fantastic reach across the US, for both SMB and enterprise audiences. Their reach was more significant than other demand gen partners due to their extensive, high-quality, and trustworthy partner network.

The feedback from our client’s marketing and sales teams was always positive – as such, we increased our spend with Interlink after our initial test run and then maintained a healthy investment for each quarter after that. We frequently invested late-quarter incremental budget with them, as well, since they were quick to help with the requests and always delivered ahead of schedule. For example, in one month Interlink was able to generate over 1,600 BANT qualified leads, of which the client rejected none. Interlink was one of the only partners we worked with that over-delivered on every campaign, with surplus leads delivered as pure added value.

One of the unique things about the way Interlink ran their ABM campaigns was that they were able to determine which topics were being researched by specific accounts, and where accounts were within the research/buying cycle. These benefits enabled us to promote the right content at the right time, including some suggestions from Interlink’s delivery team. This data came from Interlink’s one-of-a-kind intent software Crawlr, which is powered by AI to maximize accuracy.

We would also like to note the excellent service we received from our account manager and delivery manager throughout all of our campaigns. We’d happily recommend Interlink to any US, EMEA or APAC software/technology company looking to drive leads for their business.

Kevin Sweeney
Chief Financial Officer
Allen & Gerristen
Media Matters Worldwide has just completed their first campaign with Interlink, generating Top of Funnel leads for their client to help create great sales opportunities for the company.

The client has been pleased with the initial quality of the leads Interlink has produced. They have managed to provide prospects using the breadth of the account lists provided to them, ensuring the client can reach out to as many targeted accounts as possible. They have also ensured a significant portion the job titles for each company are from higher levels, meaning more decision makers, putting their client in front of the correct contacts.

Interlink really impressed the client by over delivering on each region as added value for the campaign, and the leads were delivered quickly and efficiently.

Working with Interlink has been incredibly easy, and we have just booked in our latest campaign which we look forward to running with Interlink.

Melanie Kennedy
Media Director & Client Partner
Media Matters Worldwide
Transmission DE have just completed their first campaign with Interlink, generating high quality leads, for a travel & expense management software company.

The client has expressed how happy they are with the results and overall experience for the following reasons:

• Lead quality:
The lead information received from Interlink was of consistent high quality, providing the correct contact details for each prospect resulting in minimal rejections from the client. If there were any issues with leads Interlink were always happy to replace them.

• Speed of delivery:
Interlink were very responsive and easy to work with, always delivering leads on time. They managed to generate BANT leads even during COVID-19, ensuring our client could continue to reach out to prospects.

• Targeting:
We gave Interlink our criteria for the campaign and it was matched and excelled. The ratio of C-level contacts and big accounts generated for the client was also great.

• Additional information provided:
Interlink provided comprehensive call notes alongside their leads, and all the campaign questions answered, ensuring our client’s sales team had all the information possible before beginning their lead nurturing.

After the ease of this campaign, as well as the great feedback from our client, I recommend their services to anyone who is looking to target IT and business professionals, who are in the research phase of the buyers’ cycle. I look forward to running more campaigns with Interlink.

Sintia Fanea
Client Services Account Manager
Transmission DE


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