Your business success depends on your sales team’s ability to convert leads into concrete sales.

This is not always straightforward. Marketing and sales are often at odds with each other and this misalignment can affect conversion rates and sales.


At Interlink, we work with your sales team to accelerate lead conversion.

We do this by giving them all the information and context they need to understand where the leads have come from and how best to maximise opportunities.  

We’ll then help to tailor key messages and critical talking points to increase buyer engagement.

Leaving no stone unturned, we offer expert advice and recommendations on best practice for following up leads to secure more meetings, speed up lead conversion, close more deals and increase revenue so that targets are met, and ROI is achieved.


The team go the extra mile by offering their own in-house solution, SalesLink, to help identify and resolve the disconnect between marketing and sales. SalesLink has proven to help NetApp’ssales team turn more leads into opportunities.

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