Lead generation is vital for an effective pipeline.

A scattergun approach to targeting just won’t cut it and certainly won’t deliver a cost- effective return on investment.

At Interlink, we pride ourselves on our ability to really understand your target audience and know what makes them tick.


We work with a carefully selected affiliate partner network specialising in the business and IT sector to generate relevant, high quality, GDPR compliant leads across all functions. These range from top of the funnel content and BANT qualified leads to appointment setting.

Our agencies develop those leads via email and telemarketing, scrutinising every prospect to guarantee their details are 100% correct before they are sent to you.

We refine your audience using ABM, intent and propensity and competitor installation targeting.

Then, once you’ve got a prequalified target audience that’s open to receiving your communications and, in a position, to purchase, you can start engaging and converting those leads into sales.


Interlink's method of delivering leads, generated through their carefully selected alliance network, has proven a safe, cost efficient and high-quality way of delivering BANT qualified and ABM leads for NetApp.

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