Intent is where it all begins.

Right now, you have potential new clients actively looking online for products and services, like yours, that meet their needs.

We know that business and IT decision makers spend up to x2.2 more time on social networks than the average person. They are searching for specific solutions to address their pain points. 

That’s why we’ve developed CrawlR, our unique intent data tool which allows us to prequalify your target audience before you start your sales or marketing campaigns and discover companies that are in the early phase of the research cycle.


Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), CrawlR is our clever algorithm-based intent targeting solution.

The intent algorithm generates highly accurate target audience data by identifying potential customers via their online intent signals.

It ‘crawls’ the web looking at search engines, social media streams, job boards, public information (investment, funding, acquisitions and IPO news) and company news web pages, indexing what it sees.

The result? A dataset of high quality, warm accounts that are in the earliest stages of the buying cycle.

If you are looking for granularity, CrawlR can execute very specific instructions. For example, it can accurately target “Companies that are researching for new IT security solutions online within the past week, and have confirmed IT budget ready to spend”.

This level of detail enables us to help you generate more pipeline, putting your business ahead of the competition from the get-go.


Crawlr gives us the ability to locate and target companies who are currently in the research phase of the buyers’ cycle which is key for Solarwinds, as this is when an audience is most likely to download and use trial software.

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The reasons for choosing, and continuing to partner with, Interlink is because they can target potential Sage customers who are researching the topics that Sage are promoting. Interlink do this through their unique intent targeting solution, Crawlr.

Vanessa BruceBusiness Partner at Ogilvy (Sage Account)

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