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We understand how important lead generation is to your business. Intent data is vital to ensure you are targeting companies in the research phase of the buyers’ cycle when they are more likely to convert into a potential customer.

That’s why our core focus is on delivering intelligent, advanced lead targeting to help you grow sales, reduce the cost of your customer acquisition, increase market share and stay ahead of the competition.


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We get your message in front of the right people at the right time to turn leads into paying customers which helps your business achieve its goals.

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Interlink uses intent data to target prospects during the critical research phase of the buyer’s cycle. At this key stage of the journey, your potential customers are actively seeking information about products and services relevant to them.

We help you get noticed when your sales prospects are most open and responsive to your content so that you always have the competitive edge.

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Using our carefully selected affiliate partner network, we generate relevant, high quality GDPR compliant leads. The result is a warm, prequalified target audience at the ready that’s receptive to your marketing communications specifically addressing their requirements and pain points.

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Converting those great leads into actual sales can be easier said than done. It’s all very well fuelling your pipeline with active buyers but if your sales team don’t convert those leads, you’re not going to achieve your targets or the desired ROI.

We know there is often a disconnect between the marketing and the sales team. Interlink is on a mission to supercharge your sales. We help to bridge this gap by working directly with sales and equipping them with the insight and tools they need to transform leads into business opportunities.

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After outperforming our current providers in terms of lead quality, pace of delivery, conversions, customer service and campaign flexibility, Interlink is now our partner of choice for campaigns. We have already seen several leads converting into qualified opportunities and we expect many more to follow. I would recommend Interlink to any agency or direct marketing team for global demand generation campaigns. Their unique approach to lead generation through intent targeting has been a gamechanger for us on our Solarwinds account.

Elizabeth SenerAccount Director for Solarwinds, DWA Austin

One of the key qualities we look for in our partners is how efficiently they use our lead management platform, LolaGrove. Interlink’s delivery team work very well with this platform and fulfil their orders ahead of campaign deadlines. Their data formatting is accurate, and the client feedback we have had is positive. This is testament to the rigorous quality control checks that the Interlink team carry out prior to submitting data to us.

Sophie DoberAccount Manager - Leadscale

Interlink has proven to be one of our leading providers for intent-based demand generation campaigns. We saw a high percentage of leads converting into opportunities and meetings and I believe this is down to the accuracy of the intent data which lets us target people who are currently researching the topics NetApp is promoting.

Ian SargeantAccount Manager for NetApp, DWA London

For the past year, Neo Media World has selected Interlink as a key partner in their efforts to target finance, HR and business decision makers. Interlink can target potential Sage customers who are researching the topics that we are promoting, they do this through their unique intent targeting solution, Crawlr. I would recommend Interlink to any business trying to generate qualified leads and sales opportunities.

Vanessa BruceBusiness Partner - Neo@Ogilvy

Interlink is not only Unitrends’ highest performing vendor in terms of ROI and conversion rates, but they are also our lowest priced demand gen vendor. As such, we have an annual package so we can continue the momentum and expand our relationship with them. The team have a vast amount of experience; therefore, we can trust them to take our campaigns into their own hands and stick within brand guidelines. They are super easy to work with - getting campaigns live quickly is never an issue.

Jocelyn TobinMarketing - EMEA

Interlink are one of our most trusted and leading demand generation providers due to, their ability to position Unitrends in front of companies that are currently conducting research around the topics we are promoting. They have helped us to penetrate net new accounts and generate opportunities that we wouldn’t have had the chance to otherwise.

Elisa MintonDirector of Marketing - EMEA

Interlink are now one of Veeam’s top performing providers of EMEA demand generation and we plan on continuing to use their services, as well as expanding into new countries. Their use of artificial intelligence and a unique algorithm that looks at social, job board and other public data means that we receive leads in the early phase of the research cycle, so we stand a better chance of converting them into an opportunity.

Bianca De VogelSenior Field Marketing Manager - Veeam

DWA have run many campaigns with Interlink over the past two years. Their delivery team are second to none and certainly stand out in the lead gen market due to their endless hard work and dedication to ensuring campaigns run smoothly and effectively, and most importantly on time.

Nick MurphySenior Account Manager – DWA

DWA select Interlink as a key partner for several reasons. The team at Interlink have been extremely helpful, accommodating, & diligent in all steps of every campaign - from set up, to the delivery process, to providing visibility, and offering recommendations for future campaigns. Using their experience to navigate a clear path to successful campaigns has provided great value to SolarWinds.

Chelsey LarkinMedia Planner for Solarwinds (DWA Austin)

I would highly recommend BDRs/SDRs of all levels to participate in the Saleslink session offered by Interlink. I found the session invaluable & have some fantastic takeaway points which, I believe, will help me to improve my follow up on each of the leads, and therefore increase the conversion rate from lead to opportunity. It’s refreshing to see a lead gen vendor take a genuine interest in our success when it comes to following up on the leads.

René IvarsEnterprise Business Representative - SUSE

Interlink has helped us to craft unique approaches which is refreshing in such a saturated industry, and we find them super easy to work with. The way Interlink source their intent data is unique, which means we can get our clients in front of an audience in the early phase of the buyer’s cycle. Their entirely transparent when it comes to their range of services. We are always provided with the opportunity to deep dive into the partners, the call recordings/transcripts, which is so important to us to trust the partners we are using to run our client’s campaigns.

Sonja LotzeClient Service Director – DWA Munich

During the campaign we were faced with many challenges due to Covid-19; however, Interlink went above and beyond to ensure the campaign still ran successfully - they recommended a change in tactic, where we were still able to receive high quality leads which fit our requested targeting. They are incredibly responsive and very receptive to campaign changes once the campaign is running. Being able to make these tweaks to a live campaign means we can get the best conversation rates possible.

Catherine O`ReillySenior Director, International Marketing – Kaseya

Interlink have managed to provide prospects using the breadth of the account lists provided to them, ensuring the client can reach out to as many targeted accounts as possible. They have also ensured a significant portion the job titles for each company are from higher levels, meaning more decision makers, putting their client in front of the correct contacts.

Melanie KennedyMedia Director & Client Partner – Media Matters Worldwide

The lead information received from Interlink was of consistent high quality. They managed to generate BANT leads even during COVID-19, ensuring our client could continue to reach out to prospects. We gave Interlink our criteria for the campaign and it was matched and excelled.

Sintia FaneaClient Services Account Manager - Transmission DE


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